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Kingdom Institute

Our Vision

The primary function of the Kingdom Institute is to expand the governance of God into every civic sector of the entire world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and equip 10,000 “Kingdom Ambassadors” across the world by 2045. Each one will operate from apostolic or fatherhood alignment, using the Lord’s Kingdom principles to transform society within their respective spheres of influence.

Our Purpose

The Kingdom of God is the primary means by which the Lord communicates His plans and principles into His Creation. With holiness as the foundation, unconditional love as the motivating force, and Jesus Christ as its cornerstone, the Kingdom of God serves as the transcendent model for civil society. It is the social and governmental structure by which heaven influences Earth. As believers, we are citizens of this majestic kingdom. As we spiritually mature, we are appointed to be the Lords’ ambassadors, entrusted to exercise increasing influence into the secular world.


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