Spiritual Diagnostics

The Purpose

This is the laboratory of the Kingdom. Hosea 4:6 states “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Learn how to discern the spiritual source of life’s everyday challenges.  We offer several tools, including a comprehensive, transformative assessment called the Spiritual Diagnostics Profile.  We also offer a Spiritual Diagnostics Toolkit designed to assist your growth as a Kingdom Ambassador.

Tracing God Worksheet

The Spiritual Diagnostics Profile

Learn more about our unique psychometric instrument

The Spiritual Diagnostics Toolkit

We offer several tools to assist you in your spiritual growth

Frequently asked questions

Jesus encouraged us to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…”. Among other important matters, this continual process requires that each of us identifies those personal qualities which contribute to or detract from Heaven’s ideal.

The Spiritual Diagnostics tools offered at this site, including the profile and comprehensive toolkit, are designed to accelerate your spiritual maturity.

We are encouraged in scripture to “work out our soul salvation”. Your Spiritual Diagnostics profile is a validated assessment that measures 24 unique personality traits. In spiritual terms, this comprehensive profile accurately and objectively identifies the relevant qualities of the human soul. 

You will receive a 45+ page report presenting objective information on your personality, behavior, and attitudes. This report is especially helpful for those working with a mentor or spiritual father.

The 45-page report we provide offers keen insights into your unique personality, which the Bible refers to as the “soul”.  However, we offer additional, add-on tools that are intended to broaden the transformative power of the report.

We have a multi-step approach for authentic and transformative coaching and development. Please visit our webpage “The Spiritual Strengths Detector” for more information.