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Father, Fathers & Fathering
The Prophet Isaiah wrote, “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given,” referring to Jesus.  He continues on to say that Jesus would eventually be known as “The Everlasting Father.”  Jesus journeyed from being a child, to becoming a Son in whom the Father was well pleased, to fathering a group of men that would change the world, making a way for them and for us to know our heavenly Father. Shortly before His execution, Jesus told Phillip “When you see Me, you see the Father.” Living in this truth, relating to spiritual Fathers on earth and growing to be Fathers ourselves is vitally important to the advancement of the kingdom of heaven on earth.  It is the sowing of the “sons of the kingdom” that will bring about the great harvest and usher in the return of the King.

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Session 1: The Place Prepared                                                   

Session 2 : Knowing the Father

Session 3:  From Children to Sons

Session 4: The Orphan Spirit vs. Spirit of Sonship

Session 5: Son to Father

Session 6: Lessons from 2 Servants and Three Sons

Session 7: Concluding Thoughts