The Glorious Church


The Glorious Church


Each of the 14 letters in the title contributes to an acrostic taught by Tony Fitzgerald in as many sessions.

These teachings are based on non-denominational, core, Biblical truths regarding the establishment of a church based on love and family. Over the years the principles have deepened and now form a foundational teaching tool for churches around the world.

The Glorious Church carries the heart of God for church life. Though we do not profess it as the last word on the matter, we do believe it holds many values which God desires to see cherished in His church.


The Glorious Church
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Tony Fitzgerald
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Session 1: Introduction


Session 2: Thy Kingdom Come
Session 3 : Hebrew Mentality $1.99
Session 4: Evangelistic Community $1.99
Session 5: Giving Grace $1.99
Session 6: Love $1.99
Session 7: Order in Government $1.99
Session 8: Radical and Relevant/ Inspirational Faith, Intercession $1.99
Session 9 : “One Anothers” & Servanthood $1.99
Session 10: Unity $1.99
Session 11: Supernatural Living, Spiritual Warfare / Christ-Centered $1.99
Session 12: Hospitality, Hope $1.99
Session 13: Unlimited Potential of Every Believer / Revival, Restoration & Reformation $1.99
Session 14: Community & Commitment / Healing Environment $1.99