Kingdom Institute

Spiritual Encouragement

Welcome to those of you seeking spiritual encouragement and a closer walk with the Lord.  In this section you will find three tabs which we will be populating soon.

— TESTIMONIES — we are filming and posting stories of those willing to tell the world how they came into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you have a story you would like to tell, please tell us where it can be viewed online and we will ask our team to review it for inclusion on this site.

— THREE-MINUTE DEVOTIONS — we are pleased that certain mature men of God have offered to develop a series of video-based devotions on a number of topics related to the Kingdom of God and sonship.  We simply want to be a blessing to the Christian community.

— VIDEO BIBLE — (coming very soon)– By late 2012 we intend to post a video version of every chapter in the Bible.  We are using a variety of versions for this project in order to avoid copyright infringement.