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The complete toolkit includes eight unique Spiritual Diagnostics worksheets designed to contribute to your spiritual growth.

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Your identity is the most fundamental aspect of your life. It defines you and your relationship with God, your family, and your community.

However, many of us have difficulty seeing ourselves as sons for a variety of reasons. Many of us can, unknowingly, be living with at least some aspects of an orphan spirit, and the negative impacts can be far reaching.

As believers we are called to lead increasingly consecrated lives through the testing administered by the Holy Spirit. Maintaining a biblical worldview and a devotion to the many commands of Christ accelerates this process.

In this exercise, first read the spiritual quality needed in mature followers of Jesus. Then, review both the mature and immature viewpoints and read the related verses.

In case you ever wondered what it would take to walk in God’s favor and approval, your search is over. Jesus Himself made it very clear. For about three years, He taught a new spiritual doctrine on hillsides and at dinner tables, at weddings, funerals, and religious gatherings. If His only role in life was to offer eternal life as the Messiah, He could have gone to the cross much earlier than He did. Instead, He modeled sonship with His Father and encouraged us to imitate Him.

As your faith in God grows, you migrate from being a child of God, to a mature son, to a full blown disciple of Christ. In time, you will likely attract others seeking spiritual maturity as well.

To determine if you are ready to lead others in this manner, look at the Spiritual Concepts column in the exercise, and score yourself on your level of preparedness.

In the quest to overcome any fears and limitations imposed by past experiences, it’s important for us to identify those issues and then forgive our offenders.

Identify the specific source of aggravation in your life and prepare to free the perpetrators from the spiritual prison you’ve built for them.

Consider the nine-fold spiritual fruit mentioned in Galatians 5. Is God permitting these to come to full maturity? Are there character traits that still require strengthening as you conform to the image of Christ? Do you sense where the Father is working and do you see that as a call to join him? What resources has He put near you that He expects to be redeemed to advance His Kingdom?

In this exercise, be really honest about any cracks in your personality or your character. Where are you vulnerable? Don’t be embarrassed; remember the test of a perfect heart is one that holds nothing back from God. Lay whatever is still maturing on the table and collaborate with your Discipleship Coach to strengthen such areas.

Frequently asked questions

Jesus encouraged us to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…”. Among other important matters, this continual process requires that each of us identifies those personal qualities which contribute to or detract from Heaven’s ideal.

The Spiritual Diagnostics tools offered at this site, including the profile and comprehensive toolkit, are designed to accelerate your spiritual maturity.

We are encouraged in scripture to “work out our soul salvation”. Your Spiritual Diagnostics profile is a validated assessment that measures 24 unique personality traits. In spiritual terms, this comprehensive profile accurately and objectively identifies the relevant qualities of the human soul. 

You will receive a 45+ page report presenting objective information on your personality, behavior, and attitudes. This report is especially helpful for those working with a mentor or spiritual father.

The report we give you, on it’s own, can provide keen insights into your unique personality and “soul”, however, we offer additional add-on tools that seek to broaden the transformative power of the report.

We have a multi-step approach for authentic and transformative coaching and development. Please visit our webpage “The Spiritual Strengths Detector” for more information.