Kingdom Institute

Welcome to SonsNet

GREETINGS!  We already know a lot about you, even if we haven’t met, because only those invited through an apostolic line have access to these pages.

You are a “Timothy” to your spiritual father.  More importantly, you are committed to doing the will of your Father in heaven as opposed to manufacturing a ministry and praying for approval.  By receiving Jesus as Lord, you were offered spiritual power, the grace of God, to hear and respond to His voice — and you accepted the offer.

We know you are committed to a transcendent biblical worldview rather than political or sociological loyalty.  We know you have been prepared and probably broken, and that you are now called to bring Kingdom influence into the place where you’re set.  We know the whole Earth is waiting for the arrival of the sons of God and we’re grateful that He allows us to serve each of them.

This private portion of the Kingdom Institute site is designed for you to comfortably gather with your peers, build authentic relationships, and find equipping resources as you follow the trajectory of God’s preferred future for your life.  You are the reason we continue to build this Institute;  to us you are a VIP client.  Please share your input, suggestions and criticisms (try to be redemptive!) as we truly believe the Lord will speak through His sons to shape the design and the services we offer.

We recommend that first-time visitors take the five-minute guided tour by clicking on this button.  Go with God!