Kingdom Institute

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Enrollment is absolutely free. Here you will enjoy several additional features including:

a) Spiritual Diagnostics – the laboratory of the Kingdom. Hosea 4:6 states My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Learn to discern the spiritual source for life’s everyday problems for yourself, your family and for other believers.

b) Recommended Ministries – other ministers carry a heart for God’s people similar to our own. Some offer a short, practical, daily Bible study, while others bring a powerful perspective that strengthens our faith.

c) Kingdom Questions — This area posts two questions for two weeks. We are creating a dialogue around the Kingdom and sonship/fatherhood. Please feel free to add your comments or just observe the dialog among others. Either way, this will stir up your faith.

d) Essays/Papers – We are assembling a team of Kingdom Scholars to provide a number of works which you may access at no charge for personal use. Topics will be centered around the themes of the Kingdom of God and sonship/fatherhood. If you have a calling to one of the seven “mountains” we trust these works will strengthen your Kingdom ministry. Our hope is to support your growing faith.

e) Elijah Network – for those following our work in Richmond Virginia, this is an information gateway. We host triannual sessions on “Healing the Father Wound” and monthly informal gatherings as a discipleship outreach. If you would like to initiate one of these sessions in your community, please contact us.