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Enrollment is absolutely free. Here you will enjoy several additional features including:




a) Kingdom Conversations – from time to time we sit down with our Scholars and ask questions which are on your heart and ours. The cameras roll and an unrehearsed conversation takes place. Even the film crew feels the anointing in the room as these interviews unfold!
b) The Elijah Network – for those following our work in Richmond Virginia, this is an information and discipleship gateway for men. We host triannual sessions on “Healing the Father Wound” and monthly informal gatherings as a discipleship outreach. If you would like to initiate one of these sessions in your community, please contact us.
c) Spiritual Diagnostics – the laboratory of the Kingdom. Hosea 4:6 states “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Learn to discern the spiritual source for life’s everyday problems for yourself, your family and for other believers.
d) Recommended Ministries – other ministers carry a heart for God’s people similar to our own. Some offer a short, practical, daily Bible study, while others bring a powerful perspective that strengthens our faith.
e) Kingdom Questions — This area posts two questions for at least two weeks. We seek to create a dialogue around the Kingdom and sonship/fatherhood. Please feel free to add your comments or just observe the dialogue among others. Either way, this will stir up your faith.
f) Essays/Papers – We are assembling a team of Kingdom Scholars to provide a number of works which you may access at no charge for personal use. Topics will be centered around the themes of the Kingdom of God and sonship/fatherhood. If you have a calling to one of the seven “mountains” we trust these works will strengthen your Kingdom ministry. Our hope is to support your growing faith.
g) Annotated Kingdom Bible – The themes of God’s Kingdom and Sonship thread through the entire Bible. Over the next few years, by the grace of God, we believe we will be entrusted with the publication of an annotated Bible that fully explores these two essential spiritual concepts. Given the revelation housed in God’s people on his subject, we hope to crowd source many of the insights. More to come…