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On this page we post two questions for a period of time. We are creating a dialogue around the Kingdom and sonship/fatherhood. Please feel free to add your comments or just observe the dialogue among others. Either way, this will stir up your faith.

Current Questions:

1) What is the Kingdom of God?

2) Since He had not yet been to the cross, what did Jesus mean when He reported to His Father, “I have finished the work which you have given me to do.”? (John 17:4)

One Comment

  1. The Kingdom of God is a spiritual government, of which Jesus Christ is the King. The citizens of this government are born again members of the household of God, of which Jesus is the firstborn. These people live “in the world”, but are not “of the world”. Not everyone who calls Jesus “Lord” enters into this Kingdom, but only those who do the will of His Father. Those that receive Jesus are given the power (grace) to become sons of the living God, but sadly, not all are willing to access that grace to become His disciple. Unfortunately, some believers are carried away by winds of false doctrine and destructive heresies. Jesus said “My sheep hear My voice.” Those who become mature disciples are called sons, and are entrusted as ambassadors from God’s spiritual Kingdom, bringing the increase of His peace and the expansion of His loving government to a fallen world.

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