Kingdom Institute

The Elijah Network

The relationship between fathers and sons is clearly very close to the heart of God.  The blessed messages found in Malachi 4 and Luke 1 regarding the Spirit of Elijah provide Biblical support for strengthening, healing and reuniting men of all ages in this most crucial relationship. In March 2011, in Richmond, Virginia, The Elijah Network was born in the hearts of its founders.  The “network” is really a monthly gathering of men who want to grow from and proclaim to others the importance of this Godly message.  Brian Gullins, Don Coleman and Eric Samuelson, men under authority and spiritual fatherhood, serve from a leadership position.

Every four months we host Saturday sessions with topics such as “The Holiness of God”, “Healing the Father Wound” and “Sonship as the Path to Fatherhood”.  Ample time is allocated for breakout sessions and prayer.  Believing that this topic is very close to God’s heart, we look to provide sound training of spiritual and practical value to all who participate.

Realizing that one spiritually charged event is not sufficient, we also host evening sessions once a month in downtown Richmond.  The goal is to raise up a generation of men delivered from an orphan spirit into the full expression of spiritual sonship.

Each month, we seek to create an atmosphere where men can be equipped, find their proper alignment and then watch as the Lord releases them into their Kingdom destiny.  Our testimony is that those in proper spiritual alignment seem to bear “fruit that remains”, which greatly glorifies God.  We are not attempting to start a church or denomination of any kind.  We are here to support those who are drawn to this message.

Through both the monthly and the larger tri-annual sessions, we hope to create an atmosphere of hope and healing for men who will mature into spiritual sonship and multiply over time.

The Holiness of God