Are there any users who changed from an atheist to a religious person? If so, what specifically caused this? 

I did, although I would prefer to exchange the phrase “religious person” for “spiritual believer.” Religion is man’s attempt to prove himself to God. It separates and objectifies others. It controls adherents by requiring ritualized performance. Religion is a ‘Tower of Babel’ attempt to justify ourselves to God. But what provokes it? Notice across cultures, millenia and geography that mankind has exhibited a profound search for meaning. We just know there’s something greater than ourselves ‘out there’. This is a spiritual yearning which demands an answer. 

In my case, the hunger for truth required a scorching willingness to pursue evidence relentlessly. My excellent high school and university science education instilled in me an ability to weigh the evidence regardless of where it led. Unfortunately, I see so many others, who start outtruly hungry for truth and purpose, but who are predisposed to an anti-spiritual worldview. Sadly, in my experience, they deny the factual evidence, the anecdotal evidence and the revelation which is eventually available to them. 

From a young age, I had searched for a comprehensive worldview, an unimpeachable explanation of origins and intelligent purpose that successfully addressed philosophical, sociological, and objective scientific issues. So I searched down several avenues of thought including: existentialism, hedonism, scientific rationalism, capitalism, and yes, even religion. None could support a penetrating analysis, as they all eventually devolved into selfishness, or “dare not ask” blind alleys. This is NOT to say there’s no value to science, or philosophical inquiry. Capitalism is a fabulous economic system when it avoids being exploitative. But none of these were substantive enough to provide purpose. 

I eventually found an undeniable frame of reference, the Holy Bible. It is a source of historical and spiritual truth that I originally denied until I risked losing my integrity. I’ve interrogated the Bible and scholarly people who have studied it relentlessly. It honestly holds up under tough scrutiny. Unfortunately, in other posts to Quora, I see people excoriating this 66-volume compilation as being old and mythical and unsubstantiated. Read these comments carefully as they are laden with propaganda. They START with an anti-spiritual worldview rather than a pursuit of truth. This is the product of a godless religious mindset, which is certainly the writer’s privilege. But…once they excise even the possibility of a Creator with infinite intelligence, they are then free to mock and decry anything that does not fit their religious worldview. Such folks are NOT honest, dispassionate searchers of absolute truth. 

I know this claim will be derided, but I can “look you in the eye” and state that the Bible is an accurate, reliable framework within which we can invest our faith. In a mystical feat of spiritual circularity, our faith is then rewarded with revelation — an insight into the deeper truths and strategic intent of the One who originally designed this universe. Yes, the world has become perverted and corrupted by sin, but an elegant plan of redemption has been instituted for all who choose to embrace it. I recommend it highly. I hope this answers your important question.