About Us

The Birth

The Kingdom Institute was born in the Summer of 2005 during a flight from Richmond, Virginia to Chicago, Illinois.  For many years previous, Eric Samuelson had a call to support God’s patriarchs, but hadn’t known any personally. After listening to Tony Fitzgerald speak about God’s Kingdom in 2003, it was clear that he would be the first. A few years later, Jim McNally became the second man who obviously carried a profound message on the Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ.  While preparing for a class on strategic planning during this flight, the Lord supplied a glimpse of a comprehensive, internet-based “center” where interested people could learn the principles and practices of His Kingdom. 

From 2006-2011, pieces of the Institute’s strategic plan were conceived and assembled.  We sought the appropriate ways to “operationalize” the Lord’s will, and He groomed us with surgical expertise.  Certain ministry prototypes survived and others were cut as we searched out His “preferred future” for this mighty endeavor.  One thing remained evident — whatever emerged had to be engineered for scale.  We were pressed to pursue global outcomes.  We intend to remain transparent and faithful to that purpose.

The Relationship

Our team, Tony, Jim, Don, and Eric had known each other or been connected for a few years.  The Lord now moved to strengthen our ties and to reveal His specific intentions.  One key factor contributed to the acceleration of our unity:  Jim and Don submit to Tony as a spiritual father.  Eric submits to Don in the same manner and he sees Tony as an apostolic father.  The Lord blesses those who function in ordained, submitted relationships.  Together we are a microcosm of the Kingdom Institute’s mission field. 

The Purpose

Tony teaches that structures flow out of Godly relationships.  Although all are welcome in the Father’s family, the Bible differentiates between autonomous believers and those who do the will of God.  Many will come to Jesus seeking credit for their noble ministries, but He will respond with unfiltered language, “Begone, I never knew you, you (self-willed) workers of iniquity.”  What a tragic outcome.  God does not need believers to manufacture ministry in His name.  He seeks those willing to adopt and manifest His principles and His commands to a fallen, desperate world.  The Kingdom Institute has an assignment to identify and support God’s maturing sons everywhere.  We built the Institute for you. 

The Future

The Bible records the end-game of creation, and we fully trust the Lord’s Word.  His government, housed in the hearts of His devoted sons and extended by their influence, will eventually permeate this world.  The Kingdom Institute intends on equipping thousands of His sons who are, or will be, functioning as His credentialized ambassadors.