About Us

The Vision

The primary function of the Kingdom Institute is to locate and equip the sons of God in every continent who hope to expand His governance into the entire world.

The Institute is designed to avoid any territorial restrictions on its effectiveness. We want to serve God’s family members wherever they reside.  Specifically, our 25-year strategic plan (2015-2040) calls for the identification and equipping of 10,000 individuals across the globe who operate in apostolic and/or fatherhood alignment. These Kingdom Ambassadors would faithfully represent the principles of the Lord Jesus Christ with high integrity.  

In time, their lives will testify to a jealous world that living according to the commands of Christ produces radical and desirable results.

The founders of the Kingdom Institute accept the calling to serve as Ambassadors of Christ, and as sons and fathers in a heavenly family, dispatched from God’s throne to represent His interests and to inaugurate His principles in the Earth.

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