10 Questions to Ask Your Father

The Lord’s fundamental identity is to be a Father.  He wants us to draw close to Him as spiritual sons.  He also encourages our relationship with our natural fathers, when possible.  He pours grace into our relationship with a spiritual father, as well.  

Here is a conversation-starter for you and your Dad, whether you choose to converse with your natural father or your spiritual father.

The first five questions are about him.  The last five are about you, or specifically, how he sees you.  

About My Dad

  1. Describe your relationship with your own father.
  2. Who have you admired most in your life?
  3. Who do you credit the most for training you in your trade/profession? 
  4. What accomplishments have you achieved that you’ve never really spoke of?
  5. Tell me about your first real job.

How You See Me

  1. What do you believe are my best attributes?
  2. What do you believe are the qualities I should look for in a wife? 
  3. Am I oblivious to anything?  Where do you believe I am at risk?
  4. What do you believe I am slated to accomplish?
  5. What should I know about fatherhood?